The 3 Best Low-Budget Beauty Products

Here it is: my very first post! And it is about low-budget beauty products!

Although I love a luxurious beauty splurge once in a while, beauty can also come at a low price. Here are, in my opinion, the 3 best low-budget beauty products.

1. Essence maximum definition volume mascara


Mascara is an essential beauty product. I am sure many among us can’t live without it. Like it was stated in the movie The Prince and the Showgirl:  “When one is young, one should use a lot of mascara. When one is older, one should use much more.”

For everyone who loves the voluminous look, the maximum definition volume mascara by Essence is just perfect! The wavy bristles on the small wand make sure that this mascara is easy to apply and that every lash is coated. What I personally really like about this mascara is that it does not smudge although it isn’t waterproof, which by the way makes is also easy to remove. (Price: €2.89)

2. Catrice kabuki brush


A travel size brush that is not only easy to take with you but also applies powder evenly. I do recommend this brush more for a compact powder and not a loose one because of its small size. (Price: €4.99)

3. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 301 Night Day Eyeliner


This waterproof eyeliner has a creamy texture that makes it very easy to apply. It stays on all day and does not require touching up. The colors are very intense though, so I do recommend the black eyeliner more for an evening look. During the day I would opt for the colors grey or brown. (Price: €11.99)

So, like I said, beauty can also come at a low price. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil yourself from time to time! 😉



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