Autumn Essentials 2017

Autumn has officially arrived! The nights are darker and colder and this means it’s time  for many cosy nights in and of course… a different skin care routine. It is why I decided to do a little post on my autumn essentials. Enjoy!

1. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Legere Intense


Autumn means one thing: time to hydrate! It is not always an easy job when you have combination skin like me though. But this light cream from La Roche Posay works really well! Because of the small pump it is easy to apply and you just need a small amount to make your skin feel soft and hydrated. It is also a great base for your foundation or powder.

2. Babor Gentle Peeling


A good peeling from time to time can do wonders for the skin, but when the weather is colder and you skin is more sensitive it is better to opt for a mild peeling like this one by Babor. I use it once or twice a week and I won’t be stopping soon or better: ever.

3. Babor Cooling Eye Gel


My least favorite part about autumn? Waking up early! When the nights are long and you are snuggled up in your warm bed, there is nothing worse then having to get up early. The lack of a proper winter sleep may also result in bags under your eyes and although drinking lots of water may help… almost nothing beats a good eye cream! Because, like I already mentioned, I have combination skin, I try to avoid any products that are too greasy. It is why this cooling eye gel by Babor work really well for me. It has these small rollers that massage the skin under your eyes making them brighter in an instant. Say goodbye to those bags under your eyes!

Just one last important message: after prepping your skin don’t forget to snuggle up under a soft blanket and watch TV or a good film…long live those cosy nights in! 😉





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