How To Create The Disco Look

Are you going to a theme party? Or do you just need a lot of sparkle in your life? Then the disco look might just be exactly what you are looking for. Because after all: “everybody needs a little more disco in their life.” So if you want to bring out your inner Farah Fawcett or Donna Summer, please continue reading. Because here are some tips and tricks on how to create the disco look.

1. Clothing

When you are thinking disco fashion, do NOT think “less is more” but instead think “less is a bore.” The clothes that you are wearing should be colorful, made of gaudy materials and… reflect light well. You can try out a daring mini-dress, but in my opinion the best option is a 1970’s style catsuit. It is a one-piece bodysuit made of stretchy and shiny material. The legs are fitted at the thigh and flared out at a knee. Usually, many catsuits have a deep-v-neck. Although it’s definitely not an everyday look, I have to say it is quite flattering.

Here is a picture of me, wearing a 1970s catsuit:


2. Shoes

If you aren’t exactly the tallest person in your friend group, the disco look is just perfect for you because to complete your look you need… platform shoes! Again look for bright colors that reflect the light well.

3. Hair

Straight hippie hair was common in the 1970s but to give your look that little extra you can also opt for big curly hair. Make sure to use enough hairspray but, please, don’t use so much that you feel personally responsible for global warming !

4. Makeup

 Disco makeup is NOT about the natural look! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It’s all about the eyes: think bright blue, pink or light green eye shadow (and make sure to apply several coates!)
  • Forget that subtle blush: bright pink or orange tones should go on your cheeks.
  • Get that skin glowing: although today it’s all about that matte look, for a good disco night out you need your skin to glow! So skip the foundation and opt for a loose mineral face powder.
  • Bright lips: make sure everybody can read your lips! Choose a bright shade of lip gloss or lipstick.

 Here is how I did my disco makeup:

22501040_521539914867916_1340489214_n (1) 

5. Accessories

Last but not least finish your look with some shiny accessories: faux gold bracelets & earrings paired with a shiny little purse.


So this is how you can create the disco look. For more inspiration (and to hear some great songs from the Bee Gees), I suggest you go watch (if you haven’t already) Saturday Night Fever: in my opinion, the best disco movie!




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